Restech R230 Projectile

MFR PART NO - 2101

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The Rescue 230 projectile meets the SOLAS 74/96 requirements. It does not have an expiry date, is not dangerous goods and re-usable. The line is stored inside the projectile.

The PLT R230 projectile is also used in long range line transfer operations, such as FPSO loading operations, cable transferring and river rescues . Due to its preciseness, it is a successful and effective alternative. If necessary you can also have a different type of line. In order to re-use the projectile you will need to have our loading device for the Rescue 230 projectile. Breaking strength is 2000 N

Typical launch distance with a dry and clean line of 3.2 mm is between 230-250 metres.


To comply with IMO SOLAS 74/96 regulation Used for long distance transferring of messenger line from FPSO Used for river rescue by rescue organisations Used for ice rescue by rescue organisations Used in sea rescue by rescue organisations Used by power companies to transfer cabling Used by some terminals to transfer mooring ropes long distance

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