Restech Projectile 150

MFR PART NO - 7004

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A floating, rubber tipped projectile that reaches 140 meters and pulls the line after itself. It is commonly used for medium range mooring operations and general line transfer. Depending on your line requirements the launching distance will vary.

Typical launch distance with a dry and clean line of 5 mm is 115 metres and 140 meters with a 3.2 mm line.


Heaving line for transferring messenger line from FPSO to tanker Heaving line for offshore vessels transferring materiel between main and support vessel Heaving line during rescue operations Used in oil spill cleaning and confining oil spills operations Used in mining operations, transferring cables Used in ice rescue by rescue organisations Used in maintenance work by power companies Heaving line during towing operations Heaving line during mooring vessel to port Used by some terminals to transfer mooring ropes

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