Restech PLT Solas

MFR PART NO - 2800

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The PLT® Solas Launching Unit works on either 200 bars (2900 psi) or 300 bars (4350 psi) and is refilled by using a high-pressure air compressor. Choosing between the two choices depends on national rules or depending on what the available compressor can deliver. It can be used again immediately after being refilled with compressed air. Since the PLT® Launching Unit works on compressed air, it does not have an expiry date and is not considered as dangerous goods.


To comply with IMO SOLAS 74/96 regulation you must the following items: 1 x PLT® Solas Launching Unit 4 x PLT® Solas Projectile 1 x PLT® Solas Launching Tube and a minimum of 200 bars (2900 psi) on the air cylinder at all times.



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